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Dreamaniac (DVD)

Dreamaniac (DVD)
In the sleep-stirring tradition of PHANTASM and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, DREAMANIAC introduces Lily, a deadly leading lady who makes Freddy look like a bargain basement boogeyman! Adam is a heavy metal rocker and part-time Satanist. When Lily enters his dreams, he uses black magic to summon her into reality. Too late. Adam learns that Lily is a succubus, a demon seductress who makes love to men and murders them - though not necessarily in that order! When she crashes Adam's sister's sorority bash, the blood flows and the body count rises. But Adam, entranced by her power, soon faces a tough decision. Will he break free to save his sister and her girlfriend - or will he experience the ultimate sensation of loving Lily...?
Country/Year: USA/1986
Director: David DeCoteau
Actors: Thomas Bern, Ashlyn Gere, Sylvia Summers
Regional Code: 0 / NTSC
Languages: English
Picture Format: 4x3 Fullscreen 1.33:1
Length: 82 Minutes
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